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Discover Prestongrange

How the tour works

The tour can be taken in any order. To listen to the audio for any stop, dial 0870 005 3161, wait till you have connected, then press the number for the part of the tour you want to hear. You don't have to wait to hear the menu.

Plan of Prestongrange Museum

Download guided tour leaflet (prestongrange.pdf, 523KB)

Please note

Remember to end the call after each section, then go to the next stop and dial again. The mobile phone tour calls are charged at national rates, which will vary according to individual phone tariffs.

Menu - Stops on the Tour

  1. Introduction to Prestongrange
  2. The Brickworks
  3. The Hoffman Kiln
  4. Overview of Morrison's Haven
  5. The Winding Engine
  6. The Cornish Beam Engine
  7. The Power House
  8. The glass works & pottery site
  9. Return to the Visitor Centre
  10. Menu

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