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Discover Prestongrange

The Power House

Dial 0870 005 3161 and press 7

The Power House was built around the same time as the investments made by new owners, Summerlee Coal and Iron Company. At that time, the generators would have been driven by steam boilers on site. Eventually it supplied all of the sites electricity needs including outdoor and interior lighting.

Today, the Power House hosts temporary exhibitions. There may be some displays on during your visit.

A large labour force was needed for Summerlees' operations at Prestongrange. Early on Summerlee brought in workers from the West of Scotland. Many were Irish. At several times in the early years of the Twentieth Century the workforce was over a thousand. They were employed between the mines and the brickworks. The new workers were housed close by at Cuthill at the edge of Prestonpans. Their names, such as Tracy, Clark, Gunn and McAuley are still in evidence in today's community. Local customs and traditions such as the miners' Gala Days grew along with the population, bringing colour and life to the community.

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